Antimicrobial Film

Characteristics of Antimicrobial Film

According to research, including copper and copper alloy, 'antimicrobial copper' rapidly deactivated the coronavirus within a couple minutes when the coronavirus touched the surface of the copper.

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Easy to Use

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Safe & Effective

Semi-permanent period of use

The antimicrobial effect is everlasting (Please change the product depending on the damage of the film, such as holes, scratches and abrasion).

Superior bacteria extermination effect

It continuously exterminates the infectious viruses and refrains the division and dissemination of the viruses.

Construction & Characteristics

Providing an optimal antibacterial solution by applying a special antibacterial process to PO film.


Softness, low transparancy, non adhesive

Application Examples for Antimicrobial Film

  • Public transit handles
  • Toilet handles and building door knobs
  • Elevators
  • Common front door areas
  • Card Readers
  • Shopping carts

Product Information

  • Specifications: 15.748 in. x 32.80 ft. (400mm x 10m)
  • Type: Non-adhesive film with adhesive back
  • Materials: PO, Antimicrobial Nano Copper
  • Antimicrobial Copper film is the “one and only” material approved by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)